hannahangel26 asked: What if Hook cast the dark curse!!! And since Emma is the thing he loves most but he couldn't get to her he had to settle for the next best thing--- his ship. So he sacrifices the ship and takes away he last years memories because he doesn't want anyone to have a chance to tell Emma all the terrible things he did during the missing year but Zelena used her magic to protect herself!!! What do you think?

But you have to sacrifice the heart of the thing you love most? And um, the ship does’t have a heart? Aside from the fact that - why would he cast the curse? I doesn’t make much sense. Just my opinion. I’m leading more towards the Aurora/Philip theory, doing it to protect their baby from any threat of harm to their baby from Zelena.

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stilesism asked: your first kiss gifset made me realize that season one kisses were cute and sweet and now is so hot like damn gurl you're on fire


And while I’m on the topic, to the numerous people who reblogged that gifset only to add negative/hateful comments about CS (and also partially OQ) - firstly, why?And secondly: if you don’t agree, don’t reblog. It’s disrespectful and totally unnecessary. I’m fairly certain it’ll probably have been none of my followers actually reading this, since I’m assuming at least most of you are pro-CS, but I want to address it anyway because it frustrated the absolute crap outta me. 

Most common argument/comment written was that Snowing & Rumbelle [kisses] were actually tender and loving whilst the Captain Swan & Outlaw Queen ones were ‘rushed and desperate’ or just involved them just ‘attaching their faces to [eachothers].’ So what? Because a couple has a more passionate kiss it means they don’t love each other? In my opinion it’s because Snowing/Rumbelle are your ‘traditional fairy tale romances’ if you will, and so of course they have your iconic fairytale kiss. On the other hand CS and OQ are different because unlike in [most] fairtales their relationships didn’t just happen in a day, it’s been a massive and suspenseful build up. So obviously when you have that chemistry and those emotions stirring up for so long, when they finally give into them, hell yeah it’s going to be more a little more passionate. Does it make their love any less valid? No it does not.I know that we’re also going to get one of those tender, loving, romantic CS kisses in the future too, and if that’s what haters need for proof that their love is just as true as Snowings, then I will not hesitate to shove that in their faces. 

Another thing written was that ‘Um Emma and Hook are not true love. It’s Emma and Henry.’ Firstly, clearly the gifset focused around romantic true love. I think Henry is just as much Regina’s true love, as Emma would likely be for Snowing and Bae would be for Rumpel. But you can’t compare the love for a child with the love for your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever you want to label it. THEY’RE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Are you trying to tell me that because Henry is Emma’s true love, she will therefore never truly love another man in her life? Because I’m sorry but that’s ridiculous. 

I’m sorry if I offended anyone by pointing out their comment, but quite frankly it was posted under my gifset so clearly I was going to see it anyway. People, myself included, spend hours on gifsets - it’s really not the place to rant hatefully. Anyway, I just had to lay out my thoughts and this ask prompted me to do so - SORRY BB FOR TOTALLY GOING OFF ON A TANGENT.

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true love couples + first kiss

captain swan + that one time he pulled away from her touch

setthgecko asked: oh my god your caroline vid, i was in tears, flawless, fabulous angel baby dkjhsdkjgkjhg (hmm that explains why i associate her with you uwu) also ily, i hope you've been well ^_^

stawp it omg <333 you’re beautiful and i love you lots basically! i’m good, just super busy with uni work, ya know how it is D:


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badasssalvatore asked: YOUR STELENA GIFSET. Marvelous, Outstanding, Mind blowing. I cried seeing it. Ugh so beautiful. <3

Eeep, thank you so much! <33

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Anonymous asked: I saw on twitter you have an idea for a new CS vid - would you mind sharing what it is? uwu Sorry, I'm just in a constant state of being in anticipation of your next captain swan video!

Haha, well the idea isn’t fully formed yet, but basically a trailer (for a story I haven’t yet developped the plot for) but inspired by (and I plan to structure the vid using) this quote that I really love from a movie, that I only just remembered the other day and thought it would be perfect. I know that’s really vague but I don’t want to say what quote it is yet and I’m still working on the specifics of how I’ll present it, but yeah :D I’ve been wanting to do a trailer-type video for a while and I finally have some inspiration! But, if you saw my tweet/s then you’ll also know I have no possible way of working on it now - I have zero time, so earliest I’ll be able to get back to vidding will be after next Wednesday when my last law assignment is due.

(Sorry in advance that I won’t be able to make CS vids for this upcoming ep and potentially next weeks. I mean, I’m hoping to be organised so that I can vid after next weeks, cos I’m kinda expecting scenes, but I make no promises. I’ll have to reign in all my self control and perhaps just make it on Wednesday instead. I feel like if I announce this publicly, maybe I’ll actually be inclined to follow my own words? Well, one can hope.)

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inhislight asked: ALANA, WHAT DID YOU DO AND HOW DARE YOU. SDKLJDFSHKDSH THAT VIDEO IS FLAWLESS TO NO END. it's the best, THE best CS video you have produced to date. EVIDENCE, PEOPLE. this video is PROOF that every ounce of CS is a beautiful unfolding story of true love - and you my dear, are amazing <333

AH THANK YOU SO SO MUCH <3 And it’s always lovely when people actually think I’ve topped my past vids because sometimes I think well I’m so never going to make anything that good ever again *fears all my vidding abilities will vanish in my sleep* But honestly, thank you - that means a lot because I do want my videos to speak to people who also don’t ship them so that they can understand why (and you guys too) love them too - plus for the nervous nellies, I’d love to have some influence on restoring their faith in the ship. Thanks again for the lovely message! xx

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Anonymous asked: Your stelena gif is so beautiful

Thank you so much nonnie!

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Anonymous asked: Wow that Stelena gifset is amazing. You're really talented

Aw thank you so much! I’m so glad you like it because I literally spent hours on Photoshop making that ;) But thank you again - you’re so kind <3

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