Vidders4ACause 2014

Hello beautiful people!

I just wanted to let all of you know that this year I’m participating in Vidders4ACause for the first time! I’m really excited to be a part of it and will be making a video for the winning bidder as per their request, all proceeds going to a wonderful cause. ♥

If anyone is interested, the auction has just started and you can bid and find all the information on my profile here.

And for those who don’t know, I’m xostelenaforeverox on youtube, so these are the kinds of videos I make!

Thanks for anyone who reads this, whether or not you can get involved and whether or not you want to bid on me or someone else!

Much love,

Alana xx

bless your anna x kristoff cs parallel gifset... just... i love you


kjaskldja thank you bb <3

so glad you like it - it took me forever! haha I spent like half of yesterday on it :33 so yes yes much love right back at you darling!

I think that other anon was referring to Kristoff sacrificing his first sleigh to escape the wolves. I don't think it's exactly the same as Hook giving up the Jolly Rodger, but I can see and appreciate the similarities.

swanshope: I think they meant Kristoff lost his sleigh when they were being chased by the wolves and then Anna gets him another one at the end.. vs Killian gave up the Jolly Roger?

Ohhhhh, that makes so much more sense! Thanks for that guys! I think my head is just cluttered with uni study right now.

Yeah, I definitely degree it’s not the same - obviously it didn’t necessarily hold as much value to Kristoff as the Jolly Roger did to Killian (I mean that was his home) and there wasn’t necessarily a choice in giving it up, but likewise I can appreciate the similarity.

Hey. Great CS and Frozen gifset. And the parallels. I was wondering if u could do another as the other parallels for me where - both men came back to their loves, sacrificed thier vessels and Olaf saying true love means putting them first etc :)

Thank you so much!

I’m actually at uni now until 6, maybe later this week. But to clarify, what do you mean in terms of Kristoff also sacrificing his vessel? He never sacrificed Sven? I mean sure he was riding him then left towards the end when the ice broke, but he checked to see he was okay first! So I’m not sure how I would show visual parallels there? (I included a gif in my set of both Kristoff and Killian riding back on Sven/a horse to save Anna/Elsa already!)

Also with the Olaf quote (which I adore for them!) there’s actually a parallel set here! And I think it’s been used on a few CS sets, I don’t have links though.

But if you were thinking something different, just let me know and I’m more than happy to make a gifset for you! <33

Okay, help me out. I was re-watching OUAT and I realized that Hook is basicaly as old as Rumple, isn't he? OUAT timeline is soooo damn crazy D:

Haha, yeah he is. Remember his initial reason for going to Neverland was that it was his solution for staying alive long enough to figure out a way to kill Rumple, as he wasn’t immortal and Rumple was - as Rumple so gleefully teased him in 2x04! So yeahp, he’s a couple of hundred years old :))) But I mean so was Neal!

I think it’s been established from the start that everything is complicated on OUAT ;)

jennifer and colin + repeating one another

c:    he can have light moments where he’s like "I gave up my ship for you, I lo-…" you              know what I mean.
j:     were you just about to say I love you? “I gave up my ship for you, I lo-…”
c:    yeah, yeah I was about to say that. [x]

Made myself a new icon so I can join the club ;)


“Colin – I mean I get along great with everybody on set but I just spent a lot of time this season working with Colin – and we get along great and we have such a good time on set. And we’ve just become such comrades on those adventures and we definitely have a really good time.” — Jennifer Morrison [x]