Looking through the CS GTKY tag like, Wow, everyone is just so incredibly beautiful!

(Inside and out for that matter)

And if you’re reading this thinking ‘Oh she’s probably talking about the others, not me,’ no, I am talking about you. I’m talking about each and every one of you! (I’ve looked through the whole tag and you’re all gorgeous) <3

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Our names are so similar, my name is Alina :)

Oh hey they really are! Aw, I love your name, it’s super pretty <3

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I love your YouTube videos!

Aww thank you so much <3 It always makes me smile hearing people enjoy watching them :D

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Oh hey there! One of the people who has witnessed my Captain Swan love in person ;) Bless OZCC for happening so that we could meet <3

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ofc you’re insteresting!! Omg that story LOL. I feel sorry for your brother. I yelled at my computer instead. You’re so lucky for meeting Jen & i’m forver thankful bc my letter was included <3

Hahaha, yes the poor thing. I mean, he watches OUAT with me (I may have slightly encouraged him, but he does actually like it!) but I think I scared the shit out of him when I bolted towards him yelling ‘THEY KISSSSS!’ and nearly knocked him over. Oops. And this was after I did all the yelling at my computer (because lets be honest, how could anyone have not done that!?)

And aww, no it was my pleasure! I’m so happy I could pass on people’s messages and I’m so glad people participated - I still can’t believe how big it got in just over two weeks :D

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<333 stop it you! oh beautiful one!

youR EYES ARE GORGEOUS #I'mTheNiceAnon <3

*blushes profusely*

thank you so much anon, you are indeed very well named as ‘TheNiceAnon’ <333


Hi guys! I woke up this morning and saw this CS GTKY thing and I’m just loving seeing and reading about all of you in the tag, so I thought I might as well join in :D

(ps. You’re all extremely beautiful. Seriously. I have some damn attractive shipmates ;))

Okay so,

  1. Hi everyone I’m Alana! Although most people know me as ‘the girl who makes those Captain Swan vids’ and I’m 100% okay with that.
  2. Speaking of, I make Youtube videos under the name xostelenaforeverox and I absolutely love it. I’ve been vidding for about 4 years now and don’t plan to stop any time soon :)))
  3. I live in Australia which is why I just woke up. I often complain about living far away from everything (which is true) but I’m a little more mellow about it since Jen came down here to visit in July (now Colin just needs to come and I’ll be set)
  4. I’m currently studying a Law/Arts double degree at university. Current plans are to major Journalism and Spanish for my Arts but I will likely (at least I hope to) pursue Law (even though it kicks my butt because I’m always having to study 24/7 during the trimester hence my recent absence on here *sobs*)
  5. I quite literally live a Captain Swan appreciation life and I’m one of the people who have been here right since the beginning, since our tag was so little that I could wake up and read through all the posts I’d missed. Some people say that their family/friends irl don’t know about their fandom life but practically everyone I know pretty much knows how insane I get about OUAT and Captain Swan. A little anecdote for proof: The day the picture of the first Captain Swan kiss leaked as soon as my family got home (even though it had already been a few hours, so you’d think i’d have calmed down) (and even though I know my family get annoyed when I start rambling about ouat) I literally bolted down stairs and flat ran into my brother to tell him. And I ended up hurting him because I accidentally pushed him pretty hard into the wall through excitement oops? He was not impressed when he found out what I was excited about.

(Bonus fact: whenever I’m asked to write something I always right too much. Always. Can you tell?)

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Hey ✌️ Just found your youtube channel and love it :) <3

Aww thank you so much! I’m so happy to hear that :D

Shh, S t i l e s  l o o k  a t  m e , shh, look at me, shh  S t i l e s …

                      L y d i a  l o o k  a t  m e , don’t listen, okay? don’t listen to it.

Pawbook for Jen!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to take a second to signal boost a new project that my friend jennifermorrison is organising for Jennifer Morrison, since she’s going up to Vancouver next week.

Basically while we were at dinner with Jen last month, there was a point in the dinner where we were all sharing photos of our dogs because Jen wanted to see them all and she was super excited about it. So Greta is putting together a book with pictures of everyone’s dogs to try put a smile on Jen’s face!

If you want to participate and for all the details on where to send the photos, check out the original post here and reblog to spread the word. I believe today is the last day to send some in (but let’s be honest, you all have a million photos of your dog so it would take a minute or so to send one in! ;)) so be sure to participate if you can!

Direct any questions about the project to Greta over here.

Have fun and get involved! X

hey! sorry to bother you, and you probably don't care in the slightest BUT I started watching ouat two weeks ago and I was instantly sucked in, 14 days later I'm all caught up and have made a side blog for the sake of this wonderful show, and I just wanted to let you know your youtube vids are what made me wanna get more and more into this fandom and I was extatic to see you also had a tumblr! anyways, thank you for the wonderful videos they make me cry and my heart ache <3

Oh my gosh no you’re not bothering me at all! and of course I care - I’m always absolutely delighted to see more people join the OUAT fandom and to think my videos influenced you enough to watch the show? Nothing makes me happier! 

Thank you so much for watching my videos, I’m ecstatic to hear you enjoy watching them and your compliments mean the world <3 And I’m super happy to have you join the fandom - welcome! And feel free to come and talk to me any time lovely :D

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            Wanna give your heart a  b r e a k .