Thank you!

I’ve just been alerted to the fact that I’ve been nominated for ‘Best Video Maker’ in the Klaroline Awards this year! Wow, I just… thank you so much! I’ve never been up for these before so this just made me crazy happy!

For anyone that wants to vote - and for all the other amazing KC vids nominated - you can do so here. 

Thanks again guys - you’re all so amazing!

(and also, for anyone who didn’t know, I’m xostelenaforeverox on youtube!)


And aw you’re excited that I followed you? That’s so sweet omg

But yes, I did! I just finally got around to reading Obsidian today (I swear I’ve been meaning to read it for like a year now?) anyway, naturally I loved it and so immediately upon finishing went to stalk the tumblr tag and attempt to avoid spoilers for the rest of the series and I saw your URL and loved it, proceeded to stalk your blog to find I ship 4 of the 5 ships in your header plus I saw OUAT (and now I also see Reign) so I was just like yes yes, must follow. So basically, you have great taste in everything ;)

what are some of your favorite books?

Oh I love this question! But there are so many omg

Okay well I love love The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer - seriously, they’re amazing, if you haven’t read them go and do so! Especially if you love OUAT because I’m assuming that means you love fairytale retellings and that’s what the Lunar Chronicles are, but also so original and clever. I can’t praise them enough! Anyway, on with this list! I also love the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead - and also its spin-off series Bloodlines (Silver Shadows is out in a couple of days omg *squeals*). I love the Divergent series by Veronica Roth, The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare… The Selection series was a really fun read too (I love Maxon & America, okay?), obviously The Fault In Our Stars is beautiful and likewise obviously the Harry Potter series is basically my entire childhood and my forever favourite. I also finally started the Lux series by Jennifer L Armentrout and oh I’m loving it - Daemon Black? Oh hot damn. 

But yes, love love reading and oh I wish I had more time for it - I have a billion and one books on my TBR pile! I’m hoping to get to Shatter Me soon, also Ruby Red and Rebel Belle are sitting on my self waiting to be read :D

ahh im so happy you watch witches of east end! i started watching it last weekend, and its soo good, i love the show :3 ive been checking tumblr to see if theres any fans, and its pretty quiet which sucks :( i just wanna fangirl with someone about the show haha

I’m so excited to be getting these messages from people who have just gotten into the show - how great is it!? Please do feel free to fangirl with me at any time ;) But yeah, it’s a pretty quiet fandom unfortunately and I’m super tied up with uni right now so I’m not doing a great job to add to that but I have noticed that it’s been growing a lot since the second season started, so hopefully I’ll start seeing some more pretty WOEE gifs and graphics on my dash, and some Frillian videos in my sub box ;)

You’ll look for any excuse to use that thing, won’t you?

♫ What’s wrong with me;
Why not understand and see?
I never saw;
What you saw in me. [x]

nightreader replied to your post: winterfellsorrow said:Omg I just …

James Masters is gonna show up? Holy crap, now you got me extra excited! *totally a fangirl of this show too* >w<

Yes, he is! Or so I’ve read from articles here, here & here. Happy to see someone else excited too! And glad to add another fangirl to our little WOEE fandom ;)

Omg I just saw you also like frillian? I hardly know people in the cs fandom who also likes them or the show! I remember that you did the pretty parallel gifset of cs and frillian ;))

YES, I LOVE THEM! I’ve actually watched Witches of East End since it first started last year and loved Frillian from the beginning but basically found the fandom to be non-exisistent :( But I’ve noticed that since the second season has started quite a few more people have started watching it and I’m so excited because it’s a great show and I’m so excited to finally have people to fangirl with, especially over Frillian! 

But yes, I did make that Captain Swan/Frillian parallels set (I mean, how could I resist with two guys named Killian? What are the odds!?) (Also thank you for thinking it’s pretty ♥). I actually even vidded them once a while back too (I mean it sucks, but hey I loved them enough to make a vid).

So yes come fangirl with me anytime! How long have you been watching the show for? I definitely hope to see the fandom grow a little too :D Also, totally itching for Freya to find Killian and take him away from Bianca Lawson’s character (my goodness that girl is in literally every tv show and she doesn’t age, what is this). Also, I don’t know if you ever watched Buffy, but apparently James Masters (who played Spike) is going to be in this season so I’m really excited omg. 

LETTERS FOR JEN: Details of the final product & Thank you to all who participated!


Hello my beautiful fellow Ugly Ducklings!

As some of you may know, a little over a month ago when Jennifer Morrison was announced as a guest for Oz Comic Con, I decided I wanted to put something personal together for Jen with the help of my fellow Ugly Ducklings. And so I organised (with the help of the lovely Maiah who helped collect submissions) the Letters for Jen project where I asked you all to send in a message for Jen (and/or photo) so that I could put together a book for her. Due to Jen being a later announcement for the con, there was a tight time frame of three weeks - two weeks to get submissions and one week to put the book together - and in addition to that, I’d never organised anything like this before so I had no idea how it was going to be received (or whether I’d actually get any submissions!). To my great surprise (and excitement!) I actually managed to get just under 100 submissions in the two weeks - I believe the exact count was 93! - which I made into a 60 page book and then I got to give to Jen in person at the dinner I attended with her. So this post is just a little summary for you all to see where your submissions went, how they were received and just to say a massive thank you to each and every one of you!

So as I said above, I was overwhelmed with the number of beautiful messages, photos - and even some gorgeous fan art (you guys are so talented!) - I was sent and became genuinely worried I wasn’t going to have time to finish it. This said because, as luck would have it, it turned out that this work experience I had organised at a law firm at the beginning of the year (I'm currently studying law at university so it was a big thing) happened to be on the week before the convention, really limiting my time. I had also gone out to buy the book to find that they all came with only 10 pages and you had to buy every additional page after that (which was just wonderful!) which had me stressed because I wanted to include everyone. But thankfully with dedication and little sleep, working on it from 7pm til 1am throughout the week, I did manage to finish the book on time and fit in everything that was sent to me - so if you sent in a submission, it is in the book!

I love scrapbooking, so I honestly would have loved to spend even more time on it actually - do even more decorations and not necessarily be as rushed - but I did my best in the time I had and so I hope you all like how it turned out. On that topic, I did take photos of all pages of the book (albeit mostly terrible ones because I finished it at 2am the night before the convention so it was obviously dark and crappy lighting!) and I’ve included some pictures of the pages and book at the top of this post. The pictures are small so the messages are purposefully unreadable to respect the privacy of those who sent them in, but if any of the people whose entries are on this post have any problems with them being posted, just shoot me a message and I’ll take it down no problems! On the other hand, if anyone really wants to see the page with their submission, again, message me and I’ll try sort through the photos to find it - and sorry if it happens to be one of the worse [quality] photos!

And now to the part you’re all most likely interested in - did Jen receive the book and what was her reaction? Yes, she most certainly did and she loved it! I ended up giving it to her between courses at the dinner (the few of us who had gifts for her took it in turns throughout the evening) and her first reaction was genuine surprise that we’d gotten her things and she was completely shocked to see how much effort had gone into it. She was so touched and said that it must have taken me so long and was continually saying thank you. Not only was she so grateful and appreciative (which was enough to give me butterflies and leave me smiling for the rest of the night) but she sat there and looked through each and every page of the book. (Yes, all 60 pages!)

She obviously didn’t have time to read them all then and there but she assured me she would read them all on the plane - so yes, she will be reading (or likely, by now, have read) all of your messages. As she was looking through it, her friend who had come to the dinner with her, Ashley, was also looking through it with her and she was so amazed as to how widespread the messages were. Both her and Jen kept pointing out different countries as to where the messages were from (as I had designed the pages so that everyone’s name, twitter handle and location were in capitals and bolded above their submissions). I had genuinely received messages from people all over the world, so it was a wonderful representation of the fandom! I told her that even this was just a very small sample of the parts of the fandom I could reach in a couple of weeks and she said how amazing it was that I could interact with people from all these places.

She stopped on a few pages here and there to point out things: she commented on a lot of the artwork, saying how talented people are. Both her and Ashley were in awe of some of the penmanship (a few people had sent in handwritten letters) and she said how beautiful the handwriting was - and how terrible hers was (yes Jen, because anything of yours could be ‘terrible.’) She smiled at a lot of the pictures, loving some of the braids, laughing at people who had made references to some tweets of hers and stopping to look at the pictures people had sent in with her and would explain to Ashley when that was. 

After she had looked through it all, thanked me again and reassured me that she would read all of it, I asked her if it would be possible to get a photo of her with the book to show you all so you could see she’d received it. (I wasn’t planning on asking for a photo as there was a strict ‘no photos’ rule, but prior to this Jen had asked as all for a group photo together anyway and so didn’t seem to mind photos - more details on that in my full recap). To my surprise she not only said yes, but told me to actually come in the photo with her! And so that photo of me and Jen with her holding the book is the photo in the middle of the collage at the beginning of this post. 

I went to thank her again and walk away but she stopped me again saying: "Wait! I want one on my phone too!" So there is also a version of that photo on her phone too *squeals* which she posted on her instagram *sequels even more* She then gave me a hug, thanked me again and promised the book would stay in her house forever.

And so I would like to thank you all again - I could never have done this without all of you. Thank you all for sending in such beautiful and thoughtful messages for Jen - to be completely honest, some of them were so moving they nearly brought me to tears. I hope you’re happy with how I ended up putting it together and the final product and I’m sure you’re just as ecstatic to hear how thankful and appreciative Jen was as I was.

Thank you all again and much love to you all!

xx Alana

"And so her choice in kissing him came from a realisation that she might be safe with this person and he might really be what he says and follow through with it – which I think is a scary thing in life, it still freaks me out. And it’s a lot easier to keep your guard up and say ‘I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care’ than to actually like someone  – that’s, pretty terrifying. “

                                            — Jennifer Morrison [x]