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Anonymous asked: what are your favorite tv shows??? :D

Well, Once Upon a Time obviously :3 Then Teen Wolf, Arrow, Star-Crossed probably (I’m loving that). Also Reign (although it’s had a dry patch lately, although I did enjoy last weeks & haven’t seen todays yet). Used to be TVD, but yeah kinda sucks nowadays. (although I am looking forward to Paul’s ep this week cos I’m so proud of my bb ♥). I watch a heap of others, but those are probs my top!

Oh and if we’re counting finished shows - FRIENDS (aka my life). Also Buffy :D

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Anonymous asked: other then your captain swan videos do you have any other vids that your working on??? :D

Right now, not exactly cos it’s assignment time - I have to do a Caroline Forbes character study for a deadline I’ve already asked to be extended multiple times (and I thankfully did got my other contest entry done yesterday). Aspirations for the future in less busy times? Definitely. I really want to do an Emma Swan character study sometime, cos I did a Killy one and I love Emma just as much so yes. In all honestly I have a lot list of projects I would love to attempt when I have the time - from various fandoms - but I can’t say right now what will and won’t be done.

I can’t say - although this isn’t very relevant to your question since you asked about non-cs but - I am planning to do my Timeless|Captain Swan vid after the season three finale. (I need to have all the episode season three scenes that I know are coming up before I vid their epic theme song. Basically)

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wigglywiggly asked: You make the most beautiful videos ever and they never fail to give me CS feels. I love them, and I love you for making them ^^

Aww thank you sweetheart! I love you for watching them <3

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kellyskloset asked: Love love love all your CS vids! You're amazing.

Thank you so much! You’re amazing for saying so <3

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Anonymous asked: Hey! Can you do a video of Emma and Killian or just Killian with the music Wonderland by Natalia Kills?

I actually have a story about vidding that song! Basically, I absolutely adore that song and the second I heard it, I went to make an OUAT vid with it. But then once I started it, I was on youtube one day and stumbled upon this (utterly amazing, flawless) video and it turns out my was shaping up very similar - I’d used similar clips and such. Even though I hadn’t seen her vid at the time, I then felt like I couldn’t continue because it would come off as a copy! :( So basically, I never finished the video. I’d still love to vid it, but it would probably be similar (and also not as good, so idk). I’m very intimidated by that amazing video!

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Anonymous asked: I'm sorry!!! But i really do blame you for all the angst and anxiety that i live week after week before and after an Ouat episode. Really!!! i always liked CS but i swear to you it was only after seeing "not a day will go by that I don't think of you " that i started to make connections and my mind and heart exploded with feelings!!!(it's a compliment :))

I don’t know whether I should apologize for these anxiety attacks? But if it’s a compliment, I assume I’m in the clear ;)

I’m so glad you feel emotionally connected to my videos - that’s always one of my main goals when vidding so :D

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swanismycaptain asked: Hi Alana! Love your blog! I was wondering (and obviously you don't have to do this and I understand if you don't want to or can't) if you could make a CS video with Beyonce's 'Save the Hero' because it's seriously a Captain Swan song like the lyrics will give you CS feels.

Hi there! *waves*

I will definitely add it to my rec list (omg I wish I just had endless amounts of time and no work so I could promise to make these all) but yes, and hopefully get to it sometime. :D & thanks!

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